About Us
Sensorium is a Southern California based sensory lifestyle company that creates products and services that incorporate the use of the five physical senses to awaken our higher, more subtle senses of intuition and imagination. In a world where "sensory overload" is commonplace, Sensorium's platform is not to numb our senses, but to increase specific sensory information, heightening our fundamental experience of beauty and spirit.

True healing is far greater when beauty in all of its forms is present. Beauty = Resonance = Healing

Sensory-rich healing environments, home decor and products are the wave of the future and chart a course for wellness in the new millenium. From multi-sensory healing music, art and fashion, to resonant architecture, sculpture, interior decor and sensory products, Sensorium will chart the way.


Suki is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master and has studied aroma, color and sound therapies. Her clientele has ranged from stressed out moms and dads to healthcare professionals, entertainment executives and celebrities. She has provided on-set massage for Warner Bros., Universal and Walt Disney Studios, and the hit NBC show "Ellen."

Suki is also a visual/performance artist and healer who graduated from U.C. San Diego with a B.A. Degree in Visual Arts/Media in 1989 where during her course work she began to integrate the mediums of sight and sound by creating music and video productions that stimulate conscious awareness. A meditation on Mt. Fuji, Japan further defined her niche as a "sensory therapist."

She teaches Sensory Therapy classes and Coming To Our Senses workshops in Japan, Great Britain and Mexico. She has also taught classes at The Golden Door Spa to an international clientele in the San Diego area where she lives.

And her healing art, Soul Scrolls, hangs in homes, businesses, yoga centers and hospitals throughout the US, Great Britain and Europe.

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