Sensory Therapy Services

Sensory Therapy

Sensory Therapy is the basis of Sensorium's sensory-rich treatments. ST activates our five physical senses through the use of massage, aroma, color, sound therapies and guided imagery to open our higher more subtle senses. Here our five senses act as doorways to opening our higher senses of intuition, higher creativity and connection with the Divine, often facilitating a deeper connection with one's soul. All Sensorium sessions are priced at $75/hr. (with the exception of Soulsence Intuitive Readings) 60 min., 90 min and 120 min. sessions, by appointment.





The Omega Massage

The ultimate massage experience awaits! This basic massage is anything but ordinary as it combines various modalities of Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, accupressure, Lomi-lomi, Reiki and reflexology to suit your specific needs. A peppermint scalp massage tops of this extrordinary session, leaving you deeply relaxed, refreshed and uplifted.



An array of pure, essential oils envelope the senses while the body's tentions are masterfully massaged away. Includes guided imagery if requested.



Sensorium's trademark treatment incorporating an Omega massage utilizing our sensory tools: aroma, color, sound and healing Soul Symbols with guided imagery. Step into the twenty-second century with this futuristic therapeutic treatment... it's out of this world!


Light Code Linguistics

LCL (trademark) is a treatment that utilizes the Language of Light and multi-dimensional energetics in and around the body, through breath, dance, toning and Soul Singing to activate and anchor higher levels of our soul's blueprint held within the halo. Get lots of rest after this treatment!



The Energizer

This full-body sports massage utilizes oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, basil, birch, orange, lemon and lavender to relax sore muscles, refresh the senses and stimulate circulation.


A delicious, heartfelt hour of aromatherapy and Reiki. Give your cells a vibrational boost they'll remember!


The Cellular Symphony

A sound healing session where various forms of music, including atmospheric, new age, classical, Gregorian, Buddhist chants, or space sounds are sent directly into the body to relieve muscular pain and create deep relaxation on a cellular level. Includes delicious aromas to inhale. Especially excellent for chronic back pain. Vibration creates a beta-theta brain wave state of consciousness.


Soul Sense Intuitive Counseling and Soul Purpose Readings

All readings are empowering to the individual and offer insights and tools to awaken deeper levels of soul connection. Alternate life experiences are discussed to awaken various talents or gifts developed in other lifetimes. $100/hour.


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