Soul Scrolls - Commissioned Art Portfolio
What are Soul Scrolls?

Soul Scrolls are elegant, artful blueprints of energy that awaken conscious awareness.

Tablet of Mu

This scroll was inspired by the ancient Lemurian civilization. The intention of this piece is to illicit the sacred into the present moment.

Parchment on Canvas, 16" x 20"

Of Urth

This piece is to create a sense of grounding in the viewer. It is a reminder that all things lie within, and begs us to call up those unearthed aspects of ourselves.

Mixed Media, 21" x 28"

Tibetan Epitaph

Again, the sacred surfaces, bringing with it a Yantra for balance and inner peace.

Pastel, tempra and enamel on parchment, 30" x 42"

Shakti Rising

This piece was auctioned to benefit a young women's halfway house in San Diego that focuses on alternative healing therapies. The energies in the scroll are about transformation and the birthing of new possibilities.

Mixed Media on canvas and hardboard. Gold leaf with semi-precious stones, 40" x 52"

The Wisdom of Riptides

This Soul Scroll was created for someone in the midst of turbulance and was intended to offer a deeper understanding of the changes at hand... pointing to the undercurrent of positivity that lies in all change.

Mixed media on parchment, 30" x 42"

Moon Temples of The Magi

An Egyptian landscape of gemstone crested pyramids was created for a newly married couple to fascilitate deeper union through the lunar energies of the ancient Mystery Schools.

Parchment on hardboard with gemstones, 27"

Mystery School

This piece was created to help a woman connect with a lifetime as a teacher in the mystery schools in ancient Egypt. Here a lot of joy and playfulness is present.

Mixed media on clay surfaced paper, 16" x 20"

Gate of Wisdom

This piece is a dimensional doorway where the colors and symbols create an opening in the mind that allows for greater creativity and expansion to emerge. The symbol itself is for "creative actualization."


This scroll integrates the polarities of light and dark, yin and yang, thought and matter. It is about manifesting the realm of ideas into matter, and the stream of consciousness available to us all to accomplish that.


Relax your eyes and allow yourself to feel the energy of this symbol with your whole body. Notice what you feel. Is there a sense of lightness and buoyancy in your body that lifts you up? This scroll was created to do just that. It was inspired by Cirque Du Soleil, and embodies the joy, and lightness that dance and movement bring.



When Autum Falls

This series of Soul Scrolls is in their original form, on bamboo, and are intended to emit a sense of flow, like water on the wall, while holding an autumnal energy about them.

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