"Suki has the ability to pierce into your spirit, see it and then capture the essence of who you are in a way that is powerful and beautiful. My Soul Scroll entitled 'Great Spirit Speaks' called to me, and both strengthened and empowered my spirit."

Ira Paul
Former US Senate Attorney
Washington, D.C.

"My clients say that my Reiki healing energy has doubled since I put up two of Suki's Soul Scrolls. I can't thank her enough for her enormous gift. I believe Suki is the logomaker of the twenty-first century."

Carol Dean
Reiki Practitioner and Film maker
New Zealand

"Suki is bringing the Egyptian Neder Language to life through her Soul Scrolls. She is creating pictorial representations of Neder. Neder has wave-length, you can measure it. Once you understand the function of Neder, you begin to understand how Neder is the key to implementing the true creative process."

David Ison
Sound Therapy Pioneer
Board Member, MIT

"Suki's Soul Scrolls are the energetic blend of art and science and I glean the pleasure of fine art and laser focus of a specific symbol simultaneously. I place my unique symbol on particular project folders, notes and clothing to further experience the empowering quality this living art gives me."

Sandra Beckwith
Performer, Teacher, Creative Consultant
Los Angeles, Ca.



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